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Jim Ellison
22 February 1983
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Richard Burton documented the existence of unique people inside of tribal societies, watchmen on the borders, individuals with heightened senses, capable of seeing at impossible distances, hearing heartbeats from across rooms, tasting scents on the air.

He called them Sentinels.

James Ellison spent two years lost in the jungles of Peru, the sole survivor of a special forces helicopter crash. Adopted by the local tribe, under the tutelage of the shaman, Incacha, Jim learnt things. Things he had to forget when he was 'saved' and brought back to civilization.

He joined the police, married, divorced and lived a normal life for nearly five years.

And then Jim started to hear things no one else could hear. And he saw things no one could see. And he dreamt of jungles and spirit guides and tried to have himself committed. Jim was one of the lucky ones. He found help before his senses drove him insane.

Jim Ellison is a Sentinel, a genetic quirk from prehistoric man manifesting itself in him, giving him hyper acute senses. His time under his first shaman, Incacha, and with his second shaman, Blair Sandburg, has awoken his ability to spirit walk in his dreams.

Publicly, James Joseph Ellison is an ex-soldier in his late thirties, has won Officer of the Year in Cascade twice, is a renowned detective and briefly made headlines nationally when he was recovered from the jungle some seven years ago. He lives with his civilian observer partner, Blair (who has ostensibly been staying with Jim for 'just a week' for over two years now), while Blair is officially studying closed culture groups (and unofficially helping Jim with his senses and occasional bout of dream walking).

Jim Ellison is from The Sentinel, and is the property of Pet Fly Studio. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Jim is found at sixwordstories and 7wordstories His interactions in these communities have no bearing on his Milliways self.